Harness the power of physician referrals

This case study demonstrates how critical physician referrals are to your patient recruitment efforts, especially in complex indications like oncology where it is difficult for patients to self-identify for a study. ClinOne's MD Referral technology makes physicians aware of your actively-enrolling studies and connects them with your nearby sites when they have a patient to refer.

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Automate Physician Outreach

In this case study, MD Referral distributed virtual 'Dear Doctor' letters to nearly 18,000 specialists near the sponsor's actively-enrolling sites. These emails contain critical study details and connect referring physicians with site contacts.


Improve Study Visibility

MD Referral expands access and visibility to your study by sharing relevant study details twice-monthly with targeted providers from ClinOne's global network of medical providers across 55 countries

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Accelerate Patient Enrollment

As demonstrated in this case study, sites with MD Referral enabled saw 56% higher enrollment rates - accelerating  enrollment goals by five months

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